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There are 3 beaches within walking distance of Zen Inn.

Bias Tugal (White Sand beach) 10 minute walk from Zen

Padang bai beach. 3 minute walk from Zen

Blue Lagoon - 15 minute walk from Zen  



 Padang Bai has five major temples: Pura Dalem, Pura Segara, Pura Telagamas, Pura Silayukti and Pura Tanjungsari at the eastern end of Padang Bai. Of the five temples Pura Silayukti is the most notable, having been the home of the great Hindu sage Empu Kuturan and dating back to the 11th century, making it one of the oldest  temples on the island.



The Balinese, Hindu religion is full of colour and beauty and in Padang bai, there seems to be a ceremony or procession almost every day. Many of these passing right outside Zen inn.

There is also  traditional dancing, singing and music held regularly in the town. All have genuine religious significance and are not staged just for tourists.


Padang bai is in a great, central location to tour the eastern end of Bali island.

We can arrange a car and knowledgable, english speaking driver for you. Or we can arrange car and motor bike hire if you prefer to go by yourself.

Please Note: We do not sell these tours and we take no commission from the driver or hire company. It is purely a customer service for our guests)


The following is just a guide to what is achievable in one day

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